viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012

{Francia, by Dean and Deluca}

French Cheese Plate *

French Cheese Plate
We scoured France looking for the finest cheeses available. About 40 miles east of Paris, we discovered a Coulommiers—a Brie-type cheese that has the color of freshly churned butter and a soft mushroom-y flavor with hints of sweet almond in the winter and chives in the spring. In the Basque region, we found a semi-dry Petit Ardi Gasna Lait Cru—a sheep's milk cheese with a slightly sweet, nutty flavor, somewhat like Manchego. And in Aquitane, we came across a Picadine Pico Affine—a Camembert-style goat's-milk cheese that is insanely creamy and perfectly aged. 

USD 55

French-Style Charcuterie Collection *

French-Style Charcuterie Collection 

ONLY AT DEAN & DELUCA. This exclusive, artisanal charcuterie trio is a must-have for anyone who loves smoked and cured meats. All-natural Magret du Canard is a deeply flavorful Moulard duck breast that has been slowly smoked over hardwood hickory chips. Saucisson Sec is a French-style, handmade, dry-cured salami with a light, peppery punch. And Jambon de Bayon is a naturally cured, savory, French-style prosciutto, which has been dry aged for a minimum of twelve months. Together, they form the basis of an exceptional party platter. 

USD 48

Fête Française


Treat your favorite Francophile to this selection of fabulous party foods imported from France: Pork and Pork Liver Pâté with Black Pepper; handmade, dry-cured Saucisson Sec; Boneless and Skinless Sardines; Coulommiers cheese; Rillettes Pork Pâté; Eric Bur Toasts; Lucques Green Olives; and Cornichons in Vinegar.

USD 90

plateIrish cheese plate

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