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{15 Best Thirst-Quenchers for Warm Weather}

Hello readers, don’t you feel dehydrated in these sunny days? The sun is up, so are your summer clothes. Why don’t we keep our bodies hydrated in these bright epochs? Stub out your water insufficiency as summers are here; nothing can bet this encroaching heat in suns. Let’s give this summer a chilled experience by these 15 amazing easily made summer drinks.stock-footage-several-colorful-summer-drinks-on-table-as-iced-tea-is-poured-into-a-glass-shot-in-hd-video

Strawberry Smoothie

Well, this strawberry smoothie is not a clichéd one. Soak oats in milk till it softens, refrigerate it. Take half cup of curd, strawberry syrup; add this to the oat mixture and grind it for a smooth texture (add sugar as per requirement).

Iced Tea

Tea lovers, do not give away your indulgence for tea in these summers. Enjoy your tea with cold twist by adding a splash of lime juice, ice cubes and mint leaves.

Kiwi Avocado Slush

Kiwi Avocado Slush

Composition of avocado with kiwi is a good blend together. Mince them with a stroke of mint leaves would make it a complete drink for this summer.

Cucumber Lemonade


Peel cucumbers and juice it, add soda or sparkling water with half squeezed lemon. Cucumber soothes your system in heat.

Peach Smoothie

Peach Smoothie

Peaches are great energy boosters for summers, add whipping cream to it. Peel peaches, blend these two and serve it in shot glasses.

Banana Honey milkshake

Don’t you always feel tired and energy, less in these summers? Peel two bananas and add half a glass of milk to the grinder. A spoon of honey in this shake would give a kink to your taste buds.

Aam Pannha

Boil raw mangoes and squeeze the mixture. Add sugar syrup and stored in tight containers. Adding cold water and ice-cubes in this mixture would quench your thirst.

Sol Kadi

Squeeze milk from grated coconut, then add Kokam juice in it. A pinch of salt and cumin seeds powder is also added by dressing it with coriander leaves for a punchy flavor.

Cold Coffee

Beating one spoon coffee with hot water for almost 5 to 10 minutes will give a fluffy paste. Cold milk can be added to this and garnishing it with Choco-chips or vermicelli chocolate.

Coconut Punch

A bowl of coconut cream and water grinded together with a spoon full of vanilla ice-cream would give you a rich drink. Isn’t your mouth watering yet? Well, mine is!

Bourbon Milkshake


Soak a packet of bourbon biscuits in cold milk for about an hour or so till it gets soggy. Grind this mixture and enjoy this amazing cold bourbon milkshake.

Pomegranate Splash

Modify boring pomegranate juice by adding little orange squash to it. Decorate it by serving it into a mock tail glass with a salted glass rim. Take pleasure of summers!


Mint leaves and two slices of lemon are crushed together lightly in a glass. Further add few ice-cubes and your favorite soda water to it. Ta da, your home made Mojito is ready.

Plum with Ginger punch

Plum with Ginger Punch

Juice out plums and small amount of fresh ginger together. A pinch of salt to it will also give a twist to your taste buds.

Watermelon juice

Watermelon juice is made by just grinding watermelon cubes into a grinder and then strained through the juice strainer. I would suggest adding a punch of amla juice or just grinding half an amla with watermelon cubes.

Don’t let your body give up in these bright days and stay healthy. Keeping yourself hydrated in summers is important and consuming these drinks would keep you active. The drinks mentioned would not only quench your thirst, but also soothe your system. Little twists added to traditional drinks will serve variations to your palate. Try these summer drinks and share your feedback with us!

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